Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Why Trump Worries Cubans

And Americans Too!!
     At age 58 Tom Nichols knows a lot about wars and the preparations for wars. He is the Professor of National Security Affairs at America's Naval War College.
      Yesterday -- May 14th, 2019 -- Tom Nichols dominated the Editorial Page of USA Today with an article entitled: "Trump Foreign Policy Is Spinning Into Chaos." His sub-title pointed out: "We're In A Scary Free-Fall."
     When Tom Nichols writes or speaks about wars or potential wars, intelligent and concerned people listen. In his USA Today article yesterday, Professor Nichols indicated that the "scary free-fall" for the Trump administration and for the USA began when John Bolton was incredibly named National Security Adviser. As a relic from the Bush dynasty, Bolton is clearly the most "scary" war-monger that Trump could have possibly selected for that crucial position.
    While the pundit-driven U. S. media primarily focuses on anti-Trump/pro-Trump rhetoric with left-wingers in control of the Democratic Party and right-wingers in control of the Republican Party, Americans should prize expert opinions from true experts. When it comes to wars and potential wars, Tom Nichols is the expert. In USA Today yesterday he wrote: "The easy answer is to blame it all on national security adviser John Bolton. Bolton doesn't know what he's doing; from Iran to Venezuela he is indulging a set of statistic reflexes -- a predilection for confrontation, a belief in the utility of intervention. There is no more a 'Bolton Doctrine' than there is a 'Trump Doctrine." For sure, Tom Nichols suggested that neither Trump nor Bolton knows what they are doing. And the Top Security Professor at the Naval War College then fashioned this exact conclusive sentence: "The more frightening answer is that no one is in charge."
     The USA's top security expert, Tom Nichols, is correct when he says "no one is in charge" of the USA's war machine right  now but it is the war-mongering John Bolton who appears to be directing what Tom Nichols deems to be America's "scary" and "frightening" posture permitted by Trump and orchestrated by Bolton who Tom Nichols says has "a predilection for confrontation, a belief in the utility of intervention, a disdain for negotiated solutions, and a hatred of treaties and international institutions."
      The first three targets in John Bolton's gunsights after being named National Security Adviser were, not surprisingly, "Cuba, Nicaragua & Venezuela." Cuba, of course, is #1 with Nicaragua and Venezuela rounding out Bolton's "TROIKA" because they are Cuba's two closest allies. Way back in 2002-2003 Bolton concocted a wild pretext and begged President George W. Bush to attack Cuba.
    But in 2019 President Donald Trump appears to be the perfect patsy for John Bolton's dark obsession regarding Cuba. As Trump's National Security Adviser, Bolton was quick to fly to Miami and assure the few remaining survivors of the 1961 Bay of Pigs attack on Cuba that their ignominious defeat will be avenged with Trump in the White House. Twice Bolton has given that assurance standing before huge "BRIGADA ASALTO 2506" banners that were the Battle Flags for the Bay of Pigs attack on Cuba in April of 1961. What was it that Tom Nichols, the top security expert at the Naval War College, said yesterday in the USA Today about John Bolton? Let's see..."scary"..."frightening"..."doesn't know what he's doing."
     The Miami-based Progreso Weekly, with the above graphic, probably has the best insight as to what John Bolton IS DOING. Guided by his puppeteer from Miami's Little Havana, Marco Rubio, Bolton's prime business is putting Juan Guaido in place as the new President of Venezuela and then recapturing Cuba followed by a third regime-change in Nicaragua. Progreso Weekly, a prime expert on Little Havana, seems to think that Rubio worries that Bolton may actually start a war with Iran that would further delay Rubio's obsession with recapturing Cuba and dealing fatal blows to Cuba's friends in Venezuela and Nicaragua. REGARDLESS of which scenario prevails, with Bolton and his puppeteer Rubio in charge of the USA's war machine, it is indeed "scary" and "frightening" -- not only for the targeted nations but for America itself.
Rubio & Bolton. WOW!!!
May God Help Us All.

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