Monday, July 30, 2018

Is There Hope for Cuba?

At Least "A Glimmer" of Hope?
      A Cuban-American professor in the United States, Ninfa Floyd, penned a July 24th-2018 article that originated in the Lexington Herald Ledger. It's entitled: "Glimmer of Hope for Cuba's Future." Fidel Castro died at age 90 on Nov. 25-2016; Raul Castro, tired and frail at age 87, semi-retired on April 19th-2018; Barack Obama, the two-term Democratic Cuba-friendly U. S. President, left office on Jan. 20-2017; Donald Trump, the latest Republican U. S. President tightly aligned with Counter Revolutionary Cuban-American extremists, has been America's Commander-in-Chief for going on two years. And on April 19th-2018 a non-Castro born after the Revolution, Miguel Diaz-Canel, took over as President of Cuba. In that milieu -- similar to what has occurred in Miami's Little Havana since 1959 and in the U. S. Congress since the 1980s -- any "glimmer of hope" for Cuba has concerned surviving savage Republican-Batistiano-Mafia alliances since the 1950s. Perhaps the most damaging cancer the Cuban Revolution has embedded within the bowels of the U. S. democracy since 1959 has been the radical Batistiano dictation of the Cuban narrative in the United States. Therefore, feel free to dial-up Ninfa Floyd's "Glimmer of Hope" article. And then, to avoid being propagandized, totally ignore it.
      For the most part, the last top-notch journalist in the United States decent enough and brave enough to tell the truth about Counter Revolutionary Cubans was Emilio Millian. As the top Cuban-American newsman in Miami, Emilio railed against Counter Revolutionary terrorism against totally innocent Cubans on the island and in Miami...till he himself was car-bombed. That was back in 1976, the year extreme continuous terrorism included the bombing of the civilian Cuban airplane, Cubana Flight 455. And from 1976 till 2018 is a very long time for American and Cuban-American journalism to be without a replacement for someone of the caliber of Emilio Millian.
 Since 1959...and especially since 1976...Americans have been lectured daily by the likes of Humbeto Fontova about the sheer sweetness of Batista's Cuba and the blatant, evil depravity of revolutionary Cuba. Even the mainstream U. S. media, which has devolved into a Fake News/propaganda-spewing era -- is too afraid not to dispense Counter Revolutionary rhetoric. Beyond that, hugely financed right-wing/propaganda-fueled media sources have sprung up in Washington like mushrooms, becoming Godsends for high-profile Cuban Counter Revolutionaries. This week, for example, the rich and powerful site features a massive Fontova diatribe against Revolutionary Cuba and most particularly Fontova takes hilarious aim at a plethora of famous people who have strongly supported Revolutionary Cuba while bravely denouncing the Batista-Mafia regime that preceded it. Again, you are perfectly free to dial-up Fontova's Townhall spiel...or pay big bucks to attend one of his anti-Cuban lectures or buy one of his anti-Cuban books. But if you do so, hopefully you will have some comprehension of what's behind such lucrative and normally unchecked rhetoric and propaganda masquerading as journalistic and historic facts in the United States of America.
     I believe that is an excellent site for valid information regarding the Cuban Mafia BECAUSE its data can be easily documented {via Google searching} by other credible sources...AND its data includes excellent photos and videos. Also, there is no obvious indication it is either pro-Revolution or anti-Revolution, which is always a good test. {DISCLOSURE: My passion for Cuba is based purely on my first two passions, which are America and Democracy. I therefore believe that my two prime passions have been drastically harmed by allowing right-wing miscreants to dictate America's Cuban policies, obviously since 1952 but, in reality, since the Spanish-American War in 1898. In other words, I think the Cuban Revolution says a lot more about the United States than it says about Cuba}.


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